Welcome to the Cal Poly Rose Float picture page created by Taylor J Hamil!
If you would like any on the photos shown please email me at rosefloat@blue-seaphoto.com describing the picture as best as you can. Thank You!

Lab in SLO - 10-4-2008 and 10-11-2008

Move Down To Pomona - 10-24-2008 and 10-25-2008

Lab in Pomona - 11-7-2008 and 11-8-2008

Technical Inspection 1 - 11-15-2008

Lab in Pomona - 11-22-2008 and 11-23-2008 (to come later)

Lab in Pomona - 12-6-2008 (to come later)

Design Week (to come later)

Deco Week (to come later)

Float Progress (to come later)